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About Silke & Co 

Silke & Co is an established and well respected Insolvency Practice focusing on rescue and recovery, so if you want to save your company Silke & Co would be the sensible choice. Whatever the reason for your visit we hope you find everything you need.

Silke & Co is a true corporate rescue company working nationally providing solutions for directors to company debt. We do this through the insolvency act which allows directors to put forward what is called a Company Voluntary Arrangement “CVA” which is the only true rescue package for companies, potentially enabling you to write off a portion of your company’s debt and continue trading going forward.

Silke & Co advises its clients on all aspects of both formal insolvency and informal insolvency procedures.

Silke & Co Ltd is a subsidiary of Silke Holdings Ltd, and is also associated to Tax Office DM Limited & Business Resources Limited, which are also subsidiaries of Silke Holdings Ltd, and are collectively referred to as the Silke Group of Companies.

As you read on we will guide you through the processes and all options available, providing professional unbiased advice.