Testimonials | Silke & Co Limited - Part 3

Silke & Co guides me through what was a very stressful time, with excellent advice and support.

Throughout the whole process we were in regular contact, with me being kept updated and reassured when it was needed.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Silke & Co, they are first class.



Thank you for guiding me through the Liquidation process. Although I found it quite painful, your patience and clarity really helped me so much: Priceless. I can now put my efforts into what is good (and getting better).

Once again, thank you for being kind about matters.



I cannot recommend Silke & Co highly enough for their excellence from start to finish. They made a difficult situation so much easier and has lead to a positive outcome. In particular Nicole Bloor is a true credit to the business and her profession.
Thank you so very much.



During a very difficult period Silke & Co were there to guide me through, offer advice and to ensure my business was able to continue to develop and improve. The service provided by Silke & Co was professional throughout and all dealings with Silke & Co put me at ease, at a time when things were getting on top of me! They dealt with everything and kept me in the picture.

I would recommend Silke & Co to anyone who is going through financial difficulty.


West Midlands - Steel Fabrication

5 years ago I was in utter dismay. Young and foolish I had signed jointly for a loan with my ex boyfriend, he took full control of finances and when we parted I was bombarded with phone calls and letters stressing that the loans has been increased to cover the unpaid loan. I paid bits and bobs for years until I realised that because I worked and was reliable the debt would lie with me and I needed to swallow my pride and do something. My friend put me in touch with Silke and Co. Swiftly Ian came to my house and discussed the options. Within half an hour I felt relieved. I could set a 5 year IVA plan and eventually I would be free from this nightmare. 5 years on I have just made my final payment of £450. I cried when took the phone call. I now can leave the past and make a fresh. Silke and Co have been amazing on my journey. The girls have given me advice, support and even reassurance every now and again. With a low turnover of staff over the 5 years I was able to build a trusting relationship with them. I couldn’t thank you all enough for your help and support; I have never felt uncomfortable to contact you via phone or email. I would recommend Silke and Co to anyone. I’ve learned sometimes to move forward you have to take a step back, but I’m back on track now and free to enjoy my hard earned money with thanks to you all.
Thank you so much.



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